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Ways to Make Money Online-An introductory Guide

Make money online 

Internet is full of opportunities. In our day to day life we all depend on internet for various purposes. Internet helps us in many ways, like communicating with people from different places or Social Networking, Online Shopping, Ticket & Hotel booking, Money Transfer, Entertainment, Information or learning things and what not. But have you heard about earning money through internet? I am sure that many of you might not aware about it. Well in my early days I too didn’t know how to make money through internet. Last few years I have investigated a lot, met many people who is earning a decent amount of money using the internet. It is a true fact that a lot of people from different parts of the world including India make use of internet to earn money online.

You won’t believe until I show you some real life examples of few people who chose dropping out themselves from Jobs or colleges to make their living through online money. Internet has a huge potential for online earning. There are various ways to make money online. In this article we will mention some legitimate ways to earn money using internet. 

So before we go to the detailed methods to make money online there are certain things you need to understand.

1. There are some methods that require pre-investment of money before you earn it. However you can start your online journey without any prior investment. Yes there are some ways to make money online which are absolutely free. 

2. You are expecting online income and hence you need a Laptop or Personal Computer with working internet connection. We recommend you to buy any cheap but efficient unlimited internet data plan for this purpose. 

3. You should have a prior knowledge about some basic daily terms related to internet such as E-mail, Social Networking, Web Search, Search Engines, Websites or Web links etc. 

4. Fluency in English is not mandatory to get online success. Basic English knowledge will work for you.

5. Finally patience is the ultimate factor in your online journey. After implementing certain method you might not achieve desired result in a small period. Therefore you need to experiment things in alternate ways and keep yourselves calm until you get success. Sometimes Online stuffs take longer duration but you need to develop a strong believe and dedication power to reach a certain level of success.



Blogs are the way of expressing your hobby or interests in front of readers of different tastes. Assume that you like pets and want to express your thoughts over owning a pet, how to take care of your pet and what are the foods a pet needs on daily basis. Simply what you can do is you create a blog where you will write everything about pets. Now whenever a person type a search query in Google or any other search engine “How to take care of my pet” , Google will result a list of blogs related to pets including your blog. Thus your hobby or interest becomes someone’s query answer. This is a type of example topic by which you can start your blog. The topic is called as “niche” in terms of blogging. You can choose your own blog topic or niche. We recommend you start a blog with a topic you like most. Some examples of blog niche/topics are Technology, Funny, Children’s Furniture Stores, House Paint, News etc.

If you don’t know how to create a blog of your own don’t worry we are here to help you. Actually creating a blog now a days is a very easy task. You don’t require any HTML coding knowledge to create a blog. However HTML knowledge might be helpful to customize your blog in your own style. Content Management System (CMS) is the solution for those who don’t know coding. There are some popular CMS like WordPress, Blogger, Joomla , Drupal etc. using which you can create your blog easily.

Once you have created a blog on particular niche you can use it to make money from it. There are various advertisement networks who offer advertisement in your blog or website and they share revenue with you for showing ads in your blog. The most profitable and reliable advertisement network is Google Adsense. There are some other ad-network also such as Revenuehits,Chitika, Popads, infolinks etc.


YouTube is a top video sharing and streaming website owned by Google. You can find videos in almost any niche on YouTube. Many people are earning a decent amount of money by uploading videos to their YouTube Channels. Some interesting facts about YouTube are –

More than 100 hour of video are uploaded every minute to YouTube. YouTube has over a billion users. The amount of users on YouTube is almost one third of all people on the internet. According to a survey the top 10 highest earning YouTube Channels made anywhere from US 2.5 million dollars to US 12 million dollars in 2015.

You too can earn money from YouTube by uploading videos to your channels. Creating a YouTube channel is easy and free. To make money using YouTube is easier than other methods. There is no need of a prior investment of money while setting up your YouTube channel. Once you have created your channel on YouTube , start uploading videos on it and apply for Google Adsense monetization. Google will show ads on your video and whenever some visitor click on those ads while playing your video you will get instant revenue from Google Adsense Program. We recommend you not to upload other’s video to your channel. In such cases your channel will be banned and all your earnings will be lost. Create your own videos using digital camera or any camera, edit it professionally and upload it to YouTube.


Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online. You might be wondering what affiliate marketing really means. In Affiliate Marketing you will promote some product online in front of your targeted visitor and whenever a visitor buys that product using your promoted link you will get a commission from the product manufacturer. The commission varies depending upon the manufacturer. Basically you are referring someone’s products in front of a crowd. So you need to build probable crowd or buyers who are interested to buy the product you are promoting. Product
niche Blogs plays a vital role building up targeted buyers.
Therefore you have to create a blog and write posts or reviews
about a particular product and should put affiliate links of the
product to 3rd manufacturer stores. Whenever a person reads
your reviews regarding a particular product of interest and
likes your review, immediately he/she makes a decision to
buy that product using your link. 

Some examples of popular commission sharing websites are Commission Junction, Amazon, Ebay, Bluehost and many more. You can easily promote their products in your blogs and make money online.


Freelancing means doing job assigned by others in a short term basis. It is a platform where you can showcase your skills about various topics. Accordingly on the basis of your skills some people or company will reach you to accomplish different tasks based on your CV. They will pay once you have completed your assigned tasks. Various types of freelancing jobs available now a day’s such as article writer, website developer, data entry jobs etc. The benefit of freelancing is that unlimited opportunity of choosing your company or job.

Some websites that helps to find freelancing jobs online are Upwork, Elance, Freelancer, Craigslist, Guru, 99designs etc. 

Bookmark this page we will update many tricks and tips to earn money online.

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